• Do you feel like things are not moving forward in your life?
  • Are you feeling blocked or stuck in an area of your life?
  • Do you sense there's something deeper to shift but you can't quite reach it or know what it is?
  • Is there a particular area you know needs your attention or healing?
  • Would you like to identify the block and shift it?
  • Are you tired of revisiting the same issues over and over, and craving to get them resolved once and for all?
  • Are you feeling so overwhelmed, you don't know where to start? 

We have been led to believe that we can reach and shift our blocks with one shoe fits all healing modalities and that's not the true.. 

The reality is unblocking requires a unique set of tools and a specific roadmap based on your own past experience and genetic configuration. 

Your Gene Keys Profile is that Roadmap that can show you exactly what you need to focus on, to finally reach those internal blocks.

Without it, you'd be navigating blind. 

Understanding and uncovering Gene Keys has been a game changer, and I can't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

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Two very powerful and potent self discovery programmes to help you uncover whats blocking you and shift it, so that you can move forward in your relationships, business and life. . 
These programmes will help you:
    • Discover your genius & life purpose
    • What you're here to do
    • What you're here to learn
    • Biggest trigger & challenge
    • What keeps you healthy
    • What deeply fulfills you
    • How to transform your health, body & aura
    • What can you be in this life
    • Understand opening your heart
    • How you relate in relationships
    • Relationship chemistry & attraction
    • Wounded teenage mind
    • Wounded tween emotions
    • Mother wound
    • Deep search for unconditional love
    • Reveal your path to prosperity
    • Branding
    • Magnetising clients & money
    • Tapping into abundance 
    • Attracting your soul team and clients. 
Imagine a world where you can identify and shift what's blocking you in your life purpose, relationships or impact and transform yourself to live the life you were meant to live. 



Illuminate is the potent and powerful discovery and rebirth of an area in your life that is holding you back and blocking you from your true potential.

Comprised of a deep dive into your Gene Keys, and intimate guidance for the person that thrives on being supported regularly with Messenger coaching access, so you can express your questions and contemplations to move forward with clarity and tools.

This is for the soul that is stuck and wants to shift the block, realigning in all areas of their lives for complete balance. 



Ignite is a complete uplevel and transformation along your journey of implementing Gene Keys into your life, relationships, and business.

Ignite is truly for those who want more from your life experience, for your true essence to flourish in your business and relationships, highlighting gifts and healing shadows to catapult you forward in your greatness. 

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Purpose or Business Focus 1:1


4 Weeks - $499 AUD (value $765)

  • 2 Analysis Readings - Purpose or Prosperity - Zoom 60 mins ($444 value)
  • 2 Audio Energetics Scan - Sound healing & rebalance chakras, meridians & cell frequencies to shift the block ($99 value)
  • 4 weeks of WhatsApp support - Tuesday & Thursdays ($222 value)



Relationship Focus 1:1


6 Weeks - $699 AUD (value $1148)

  • 3 Analysis Readings - Relationship - Zoom 60 mins ($666 value)
  • 3 Audio Energetics Scan - Sound healing & rebalance chakras, meridians & cell frequencies to shift the block ($149 value)
  • 6 weeks of WhatsApp support - Tuesday & Thursdays ($333 value)



Purpose, Relationship & Business 1:1


14 weeks - $1499 AUD (value $2678)

  • 7 Analysis Reading - Purpose, Partnerships & Prosperity - 60 mins ($1554 value)
  • 7 Audio Energetics Scan - Sound healing & rebalance chakras, meridians & cell frequencies to expand & heal you ($349 value)
  • 14 weeks of WhatsApp support - Tuesday & Thursdays ($777 value)

Ignite Mastermind


Purpose, Relationship & Business


14 weeks - $749 AUD (weekly plan $55)

  • Group Starting March 1st
  • 14 Weekly Calls covering each Gene Key - 60 mins ($770 value)
  • 7 Audio Energetics Scan - Sound healing & rebalance chakras, meridians & cell frequencies to expand & heal you ($349 value)
  • 14 weeks of WhatsApp group support - Tuesday & Thursdays ($399 value)

Kayla Gallop


I have had the pleasure of knowing Steph for a few years and this year I started my Gene Keys journey with her.

The personal, emotional, spiritual and mental growth I've experienced in not even a month is profound!

Steph has been working through my Gene Keys chart with me, and as I've learned the shadow aspects of myself I've used a process for rapid female transformation to completely heal and a raise all those shadow aspects of myself that I came here to experience in this lifetime.

The emotional work I had done before Gene Keys saw me having to wait until life provided me with people and situations that triggered an emotional reaction that I needed to hear.

Since starting my Gene Keys journey, I have been able to put my development in every area of my life on fast forward by identifying my shadows and challenges and healing them with the deep emotional and ancestral healing I'm qualified to facilitate for other women.

My ascension is happening so quickly now because of this work.

Healing has gone from peeling back layers of an onion to chopping it in half to get straight to the rotten core of all my shadows and challenges.

I recommend this incredibly powerful work to anyone ready to face their shadows head on.


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When I dove into my Gene Keys and learnt more about myself, it was just like coming home - but with a bang! 
Human Design really highlighted for me who I truly was and where I was conditioned, but the Gene Keys really shone a spotlight on areas for deeper introspection. 
To be honest it was all very confronting at the start and I tried to avoid facing up to myself as I was both triggered and activated by what I learnt. 
I knew exactly where my shadows were, genius was, how I showed up in the world as my true authentic self, where I had been conditioned, what my gifts were and so much more it was like a breath of fresh air, but also really confronting. 
I finally understood who I was at my core. 
Growing up, I always felt a bit different, unseen and never truly felt like I was living in full alignment.
Gene Keys is the beautiful wisdom words hidden in our DNA that we have come on this human experience on for our growth and it highlighted to me what was keeping me stuck and blocked but also what my amazing gifts and superpowers are to offer to the world. 
What I found out in my Gene Keys truly knocked my socks off, and I’m determined to help others unblock their true selves so they can move forward with their lives too.. 
This work is not for the faint hearted, it will truly blow your mind!
It’s your turn, your time.. 

Gene Keys is so transformational and I contemplate it regularly to grow closer to my true calling in life, love, parenting, relationships, and business.

I've never felt more alive in my life, true self, calling and it just keeps getting better and better.

This work never ends...


I'm Ready!
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