Human Design & Gene Keys Readings


Imagine a step by step guide and roadmap to your true authentic self without all the inherited constraints of generational trauma and conditioning?

To be able to tune into your uniqueness and special gifts to avoid all the pitfalls of life and society?

Showing up energetically according to your Human Design and Gene Keys individual superpowers and identifying the blocks in order to shift them?

This self-discovery work is so transformational because it allows you to see and understand yourself on a much deeper level than any self help book, and navigate your life with heightened awareness, through both the shadows and gifts. 

These Readings are like finally coming home and remembering your true life's purpose and souls journey.

It will enlighten you!

You will be amazed by the accuracy of the reading and finally feeling being seen and understood!

I loved that I didn't have to waste any more time trying to find myself, it is all here at our fingertips.

Human Design Reading



  • Energy Type

  • Strategy

  • Authority
  • Defined Centres
  • Profile Line
  • Gates
  • Channels
  • Arrows
  • Zoom Recording & Chart
  • 60 Minutes

Gene Keys Reading



  • Genius Sequence

  • Activation Sequence
  • Venus Sequence
  • Pearl Sequence
  • Shadows
  • Gifts
  • Siddhis
  • Contemplations
  • Zoom Recording & Chart
  • 60 Minutes

Parent & Child Reading



  • Strengths

  • Wound Conditioning
  • Decision Making
  • Emotions
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Parenting
  • Zoom Recording & Chart
  • 60 Minutes
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Ready to Deep Dive.. 


When I found Human Design and Gene Keys, it truly was like finding the missing piece of the puzzle amd coming home to who I authentically was.. 

It floored me with the potency to discover and identify my unique gifts and wisdom words from my energetic aura and genetic coding. 

It will unveil for you what you chose for this human experience and help you identify what is keeping you stuck and blocked, and shift it.

It is by far and incredible tool and the quickest way to transformation in my opinion.

Don't take my word for it, book your reading today to start your self-discovery journey, it will blow your mind!

I Want to Book a Reading!!

Joanne Kenworthy


I had an amazing Human Design reading yesterday with my wonderful friend Stephanie. Wow it was so cool, I could see past patterns when I was in a lower frequency and it was exciting to hear all the points that show I’ve hit a higher frequency! 

It’s given me some amazing tips to look for when making decisions etc, it’s confirmed also why I’m great at certain things, it was just awesome! It’s really helped me so much to have clarity moving forward. I highly recommend to anyone who’s on a journey of evolution, it will open you eyes to your strengths and what isn’t yours that you can let go of amazing!

Kayla Gallop


I have had the pleasure of knowing Steph for a few years and this year I started my Gene Keys journey with her.

The personal, emotional, spiritual and mental growth I've experienced in not even a month is profound!

Steph has been working through my Gene Keys chart with me, and as I've learned the shadow aspects of myself I've used a process for rapid female transformation to completely heal and a raise all those shadow aspects of myself that I came here to experience in this lifetime.

The emotional work I had done before Gene Keys saw me having to wait until life provided me with people and situations that triggered an emotional reaction that I needed to hear.

Since starting my Gene Keys journey, I have been able to put my development in every area of my life on fast forward by identifying my shadows and challenges and healing them with the deep emotional and ancestral healing I'm qualified to facilitate for other women.

My ascension is happening so quickly now because of this work.

Healing has gone from peeling back layers of an onion to chopping it in half to get straight to the rotten core of all my shadows and challenges.

I recommend this incredibly powerful work to anyone ready to face their shadows head on.

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