Parenting by Human Design 


Imagine a step by step guide on nurturing your child and bringing them up to be their authentic selves without all the inherited constraints of generational trauma and conditioning?

To be able to tune into their uniqueness and special gifts to avoid all the pitfalls of parenting and society?

Parenting your precious child according to their unique Human Design honours them according to them individuality.

It's a way of parenting that is so transformational because it allows parents to be at ease with knowing their child on a much deeper level than any parenting book or philosophy teaches.

Perfect for the parent that's desiring to raise their child consciously in honour of their unique personality, gifts, skills, emotions, decision making, sleep, diet & environment, and purpose. 

It changed the way we parent our precious little ones and has helped other countless families better understand and nurture their children too. 

We now feel so aligned in the way that we are raising our little family authentically.

I would love to hold your hand and guide you on your parenting journey to better see and communicate with your child, by understanding your childs uniqueness and an insight into them, through a Parenting Guidance Map or Human Design Reading for parenting your child.

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I have had a personal reading and a reading for my twins by Stephanie and loved both.  


I already had some knowledge of Human Design but had never had my chart read before.  What Steph found was really interesting. 

I could see how the reading showed how I’d evolved through the years of my life, as lots of areas described myself as a child or a teenager. 

She also showed how I am currently living my design, in the right line of work, perfectly built to do what I do, how my design will evolve my work to expand and reach large numbers of people. 

It gave me huge confirmation that I am on the right path doing what I am doing.  

The reading for my children was great too, knowing their design gives me greater understanding on how to best parent them.  As we have different inner authorities it was great to understand the waves of their emotions. 

Highly recommend, looking forward to an even more in-depth reading soon too.  Thanks Steph.

- Kerrie J White

I Want to Book a Reading!

I’m a Mum of two - an 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son.

Both children are polar opposites of each other.

The Human Design Guidance Sheets have provided an intense insight to their personality types which has greatly improved my relationship and understanding of each of them, making life more harmonious.

Just by reading them I can see exactly what they are now and I can encourage them a lot more - it's so amazing to know!!!

Thank you so much beautiful, I know this will be life changing.

- Martina Woods

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