GENE KEYS - Embrace Your Higher Purpose!!


This Masterclass covers:
  • Life Work Sphere - Activation Sequence
  • Purpose Sphere - Venus Sequence
  • Vocation Sphere - Pearl Sequence
This masterclass contains SO much VALUE, you will not find it FREE on the internet anywhere - GK coaches charge for these gems!!
Don’t delay!!



 The Wisdom in your Genetic Coding..


Imagine if you could identify and unblock what your true purpose and life’s work was in your unique chart?
Let me ask you a question…
Do you feel stuck in an area of your life and don’t know where to start to move forward?
Or have you already tried different healing modalities and still can’t quite shift it?
Or you are craving a deeper healing?
This masterclass gives you a taste of Gene keys if you’re curious or not sure what it’s all about to help you see yourself and understand your shadow and gifts and apply to your life..


Gene Keys illuminates your gifts and superpowers, but also identifies the shadows that block and make you feel stuck.. Are you ready to ignite your journey of self-discovery and ready to Dive in Gene Keys?

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Steph for a few years and this year I started my Gene Keys journey with her.

The personal, emotional, spiritual and mental growth I've experienced in not even a month is profound!

Steph has been working through my Gene Keys chart with me, and as I've learned the shadow aspects of myself I've used a process for rapid female transformation to completely heal and a raise all those shadow aspects of myself that I came here to experience in this lifetime.

The emotional work I had done before Gene Keys saw me having to wait until life provided me with people and situations that triggered an emotional reaction that I needed to hear.

Since starting my Gene Keys journey, I have been able to put my development in every area of my life on fast forward by identifying my shadows and challenges and healing them with the deep emotional and ancestral healing I'm qualified to facilitate for other women.

My ascension is happening so quickly now because of this work.

Healing has gone from peeling back layers of an onion to chopping it in half to get straight to the rotten core of all my shadows and challenges.

I recommend this incredibly powerful work to anyone ready to face their shadows head on.

Kayla Gallop