How to Make Decisions

In this masterclass, you will discover how to leverage your unique Human Design Authority to respond and make decisions in the world in an aligned manner.


Ready to dive even deeper into Human Design?


If you have ever wondered how Human Design can impact your daily life, and relationships, this is the masterclass for you. When I was new to Human Design, I wasn't sure if I would feel heard and seen in my own individual nature...and it was truly an incredible experience. 

I often say, "Discovering my Human Design was like coming home to myself."

If you have ever felt isolated, or lost about showing up in the world, then I think you'll love this Masterclass about Discovering Your Authority & How to Respond to the World.

I created it so you wouldn't have to spend countless hours navigating the internet about all things Human Design and how to show up in the world as your unique, authentic self.

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I’m a Mum of two - an 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son. Both children are polar opposites of each other.

The Human Design Guidance Sheets have provided an intense insight to their personality types which has greatly improved my relationship and understanding of each of them, making life more harmonious.

Just by reading them I can see exactly what they are now and I can encourage them a lot more - it's so amazing to know!!!

Thank you so much beautiful, I know this will be life changing x

Martina Woods