How to Decondition your Energy Centres

In this masterclass, I will go through each centers purpose and how it can show up in a low or high frequency and how to decondition it.



Your open centers are the white areas in your chart and the area in your body where you don't have consistent energy running through them and are prone to conditioning.

Those are the places where you are taking in energy and amplifying it - a lot of time believing that this energy is yours.
These open centers are also the places where your ego/mind will be the loudest and where all the conditioning from the external world will happen.
It's not actually who you are because you are taking in others energy!
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Steph has a beautiful way of explaining and simplifying the concepts of Human Design, making it easy to understand and implement in day-to-day life. 

Through my reading, I got a deep understanding of what it means to be a Projector - and this was because of Steph’s passion, understanding and embodiment of the Human Design principals in her own life. It was an amazing experience. 

Highly recommend a reading with Steph, for anyone new or experienced in Human Design, if you’re looking for guidance on how best to live in alignment with your design to truly flourish in life.

Derryn de Souza