How to Communicate with your Child based on their Human Design


Imagine a world where we communicate, nurture, see and understand children for their individuality, strengths, emotions, decision making and personalities for their authentic selves?


Imagine if you could communicate better with your child based on their Human Design?

Inside this Masterclass, I talk about the difference in communicating with your child based on their Human Design, including:

  • Parenting your child
  • Strengths,
  • How they make decisions based on their design
  • Emotions 
  • Sleep & Rest

If you would like to delve in deeper to your childs unique chart, book a reading below!


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I’m a Mum of two - an 8 year old daughter and 12 year old son. Both children are polar opposites of each other.

The Human Design Guidance Sheets have provided an intense insight to their personality types which has greatly improved my relationship and understanding of each of them, making life more harmonious.

Just by reading them I can see exactly what they are now and I can encourage them a lot more - it's so amazing to know!!!

Thank you so much beautiful, I know this will be life changing x

Martina Woods